⭒ The Spring Collection ⭒




Marbled Together is an online field notes, with projects to try and stories to experience. The idea is that the site would be a place to observe, question, and explore on the journey to knowing thyself and others. Our motto is “Access to Sustain” which means access to learning is the way to sustainability. We also think knowledge can be accessed all around us, so many of our projects are geared to looking around you to learn.


In collaboration with Death Valley Nails and inspired by the Dust to Dust Collection we want to take a deeper look at color and pigment and how it impacts our world. The use of soil and bones to create beauty products with color grabbed our attention, and motivated us to ask questions about color and place.


There are two projects for you to engage with.


The first: "Observing Color in Nature."


The second: "Observing Color in Our Skin." Voices of Color was created out of this project. It is a multidimensional space to highlight Black and Brown voices in all their variations.


Voices of Color


Video - https://marbledtogether.com/huesvideo


Poetry Inspired by Voices of Color Interviews - Inspired by Me (@chelsalive)


The sun rises and it kisses my eyes

“You are my sweet child, Adeline”


I sink my toes into the soil

I am lifted up like a tree whose branches bare fruit


Preciously valued, desired


Here in the yellow, orange, and gold rays of light

I am free, loved, and nothing that surrounds me is in fright 


Where could this be?


A world I do not know 


Where the assumptions lie dormant

The judgments are no more

What lies between you and I is understanding,

an easy landing, 


Into a piece that is one


A noble crown


Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh - Inspired by Benita and in tandem with the "Bone" polish in the Dust to Dust collection.


I couldn’t be anything else




My skin shows my scars, all the places I’ve fallen


My skin, my bone- 

is all of me


I thrive, because I am in a constant battle to live my life



One struggle with the next, coexisting against oppression

Each experience, different from the next

But see me black


Acknowledge me, deal with with me, this is unignorable


Like a tree planted by water, yields fruit in its season - Inspired by Katherine White (@kwhitewrites) and in tandem with the "Sandstone" polish in the Dust to Dust collection.


Depends on who’s looking - I can be a threat; I can be intense

Familial and safe on the other side

I am a force - power escapes my every essence

Oozing from my skin, a cause for joy, a cause for hate

Singing those old spiritual songs

Black is proud

Dreams do come true

Kinship and responsibility

My skin motivates me!

It radiates

I think about the leaves, the flowers

The Sun feeding their beauty and mine

And you can miss that.

It’s easy to ignore, to trample the flowers, tear down the trees

I experience the best and the worst of the world

Through my skin, I see it all - I am left uncomfortable

As you seek the comfort to ignore

Acknowledge me, love me unconditionally - black is valuable


You daughters shall prophesy - Inspired by Donna Hull (@theibw) and in tandem with the "Yellow Iron Ore" polish in the Dust to Dust collection.


“Nature doesn’t judge my skin”

100 acres of land - a generation to wealth


The opposite of your assumptions about my personality

There is judgment before I am known


I have to give more love to me


Perseverance has come alongside me

To help me find my identity

An amazing future stands ahead


Though I see the world for what it is

“Black is a truth teller”

The requirement is of this skin


Seeing may cause you to see something about yourself

“You are not ready to encounter”