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BONE: Bastrop, TX (Dust to Dust)

BONE: Bastrop, TX (Dust to Dust)

Cattle Bone From Watterson Ranch in Bastrop, Texas

 This pigment is part of the Dust to Dust collection. 

This polish, both in color and form, is the antithesis of the synthetic plastic glitters in the cosmetic industry: bones are inherent to all living vertebrate in nature, glitter is created in a lab. Bones decay over time, glitter takes hundreds of years to decompose. This product is recycled, while the plastic used in cosmetics industry is a huge source of pollution. Instead of creating a product that continues to pollute, this product is made from an otherwise unused organic material recycled in to a beauty product.

With this polish our goal is to try and re-use unconventional materials in nature as an answer to the beauty industries growing waste problem.

This polish has no added pigment, it is naturally colored and textured by only cattle bones.

Naturally, larger particles will stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle and not suspend in the polish. This specific product is therefore not vegan, and is the only non-vegan product in our line outside of the Cochineal polish. These bones are left behind after the cattle is processed on this farm. We are not creating a demand for these bones, as they would exist and be unused regardless, but we do see them as an opportunity to create something sacred from what is left behind. This polish contains life, and we want to honor that life. Bone is not a vegan polish. 

Be aware that the natural pigment in this polish can stain. We suggest using two coats of base coat and for long wear a coat of nude polish underneath.

This polish was largely inspired by Dan Barber and the sustainability work that he champions through Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

This polish comes with a removable handmade decorative bronze cap atop our standard black matte nail polish cap - merging artistry with function. 

Swatches by @ameliacarhartt and @jemsnailadventure.

 About Watterson Ranch:

These are principles that Watterson Ranch has embodied since the 1850’s.

As the sixth generation to grow up on this land raising cattle, we grew up eating beef we had raised, a luxury then available only to family. Things are done right when you know your family will put it on their plates.

We produce food that is honest-no shortcuts, fillers or additives. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle freely roam and graze on what God has provided. Fresh grass in the summer, hay from our own pastures in the winter, free choice natural minerals and plenty of fresh, clean water. Our cattle are never penned up in a feedlot or fed grain, a 100% contrast from the mass produced beef sold in most grocery stores. Grass fed means it takes nearly twice as long to produce our Watterson beef, but we believe that quality matters-in the happiness of our animals, in our impact to the land and the world, and in the food that you consume. It matters.

Great tasting certified grass fed natural beef from a local, sustainable and proud Texas ranch, previously available only to our kin.

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