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Grey base with pink/purple magnetic pull 

Application: Apply base coat. Add 1-3 coats of magnetic polish for desired base color opacity. On the final coat hold a neodymium magnet across the nail hovering right above to the wet polish immediately after application on each finger for 5-10 seconds. The polish will only react to the magnet when wet. Follow by a top coat. Application Guide Here.

This polish does not come with a magnet. 


Magnetic wand available here.

This polish is made from pigment that is ground by hand and may have hue change in the bottle as the pigment shifts, naturally, but does not transfer to the nail.


This polish comes with a removable handmade decorative bronze cap atop our standard black matte nail polish cap - merging artistry with function. To forego bronze caps on your order click here.


Swatches by @eviltwinnails @lovelylacquerist @melly.k.nails @ellebpolishing

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